Comcast Advertising’s James Rooke – Beet.TV

As marketers seek to reach consumers through a variety of media channels and electronic devices, Comcast Advertising is working to help them leverage data to improve their targeting.

“We’re really proud of the work we’ve done in Comcast Advertising more broadly to empower more programmers and networks to be enlightened by addressable activation,” James Rokewho was recently named president of Comcast Advertising, said in this interview with editor Rob Williams.

In his new role, Rooke oversees brands such as Effectv, FreeWheel and AudienceXpress. He was previously the general manager of Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable. Rooke replaced Marcien Jenckes, who was promoted to lead a joint venture between Charter and Comcast and serve as general manager of Comcast Advertising, according to an announcement.

Rooke said the company will continue to provide advertisers with impression-based ways to reach consumers, while considering people’s privacy as the regulatory environment becomes more complex.

He also sees a focus on how brand advertising and lower-funnel performance marketing work together, and greater interoperability between companies in the media ecosystem.

“As complexity and fragmentation increase, people will succeed together,” Rooke said. “There is no choice but to work in a more interoperable way.”

Rooke joined Effectv in January 2020, where he initiated its transformation into a multi-screen audience delivery company to help advertisers reach target customers and drive measurable results. He helped bring more data to TV advertising strategies, as well as drive the growth of addressable advertising and programming capabilities.

Prior to leading Effectv, Rooke oversaw FreeWheel’s global publishers business unit responsible for providing television programmers and distributors with the advertising technology to manage the monetization of their video content. He also helped launch FreeWheel’s first video marketplace, ran its consulting business and served as chief revenue officer.

Rooke’s experience also includes a stint in the media industry at Time Warner Cable as Vice President of Strategy and Execution. He was also director of the media and entertainment practice at Capgemini. He began his career as an associate consultant at Ernst & Young.

Marilyn J. Hernandez