Ekimetrics partners with TikTok to enable clients to effectively measure their advertising media mix spend

French data science expert to power customer privacy-focused measurement models to help understand TikTok’s true value

PARIS, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global data science consultancy Ekimetrics today announced its participation in TikTok’s media mix modeling program among a select group of companies.


Since 2006, Ekimetrics’ team of data scientists and consultants has helped some of the world’s leading brands maximize their business performance and create competitive advantage in the marketplace. Thanks to its expertise in Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), Ekimetrics has enabled companies to develop faster and more insightful marketing effectiveness models, to isolate the ROI of each of the Marketing Mix levers, and to better measure their impact. .

As a result, TikTok is partnering with Ekimetrics – a leading expert in MMM – among five key companies to participate in the Media Mix Modeling Program to bring consistency and quality to reporting as well as a media mix modeling process. more streamlined media mix for advertisers worldwide.

“We look forward to bringing our proven marketing expertise to a leading social media platform and helping advertisers deliver effective and engaging campaigns.” mentioned Thibault LabarrePartner and Head of MMM, Ekimetry.

jorge ruizGlobal Head of Marketing Science at ICT Tacmentioned: “We are excited to continue our measurement journey globally. Partnering with measurement industry leaders enables TikTok to understand advertisers’ needs through advanced, privacy-friendly modeling techniques. and how businesses leverage our platform to successfully engage their audience and measure success. Our goal is to help customers reach their full potential with the TikTok community and maximize growth.”

About Ekimetrics

Founded in 2006, Ekimetrics is the European leader in data science for business and marketing mix modeling. It brings together more than 320 data scientists, is present in more than 50 countries around the world and has implemented more than 1,000 data science projects that have generated more than 1 billion euros profit for its clients since 2006. Ekimetrics helps its clients to optimize their performance marketing, their engagement with the end customer and their operational efficiency. Ekimetrics also uses the data to advise companies on how to upgrade their products and services. Ekimetrics engages in the most advanced data science and produces ethical, fair and conscious data and AI practices.

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