Environics Analytics partners with The Trade Desk for enhanced digital advertising campaigns Industry-leading PRIZM segments now available to advertisers for advanced audience targeting

TORONTO, March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Environics Analytics (EA) today announced that it has partnered with The Trade Desk to expand its offering of data-driven analytics tools in the digital ecosystem . Recognizing that advertisers seek to harness data for accurate campaign execution, EA has made PRIZM, the nation’s leading segmentation system, available for audience-driven campaigns through the largest independent demand-side platform, The Trade Desk. . Additional data from EA will be added to the Trade Desk in the coming weeks.

EA customers who want to reach relevant audiences through multiple channels, including programmatic, mobile, digital out-of-home, broadcast, connected TV and more, can now leverage their data-driven insights when enabling Custom Audiences on multiple channels. This means using their custom segments, rich personalities and media mix analysis to execute campaigns, reaching audiences defined by PRIZM.

“Our clients have told us that they want to use the insights they develop using our tools and services seamlessly and accurately across all media channels, including digital,” says Jan Kestle, Founder and President of ‘Environments Analytics. “We’re thrilled to partner with The Trade Desk to help our users leverage the great work they do with us to execute their campaigns in a targeted and impactful way.”

“Our customers have made it clear that they want access to datasets from Environics Analytics and PRIZM, which is why we are excited to integrate PRIZM into our platform,” said Tina Barnes, Managing Director of Canada at The Trade Desk. “Digital advertisers are becoming savvier about executing their media campaigns, and the addition of PRIZM-based audiences takes campaigns even further. We look forward to adding even more demographic, media, EA’s rich financial and behavioral to power programmatic campaigns in the near future.

The Trade Desk adds to EA’s growing list of Canadian partners that enable data-driven execution across omnichannel based on EA’s extensive third-party data. From direct mail and digital signage to television and programming, EA data helps advertisers reach the right audiences with the right messages using the right media.

About Environics Analytics
Environics Analytics (EA) is North America’s leading marketing and analytics services company, helping thousands of clients across all industry sectors turn data and analytics into strategy, insights and results. . Founded in 2003, we specialize in using best-of-breed data, analytical expertise and purpose-built software to address key challenges in areas such as consumer behavior and segmentation, marketing planning and execution. multi-channel media, trade area analysis, merchandising strategies and site location. decision making. Our ENVISION platform provides quick and easy access to our comprehensive, privacy-compliant databases, including the latest mobile movement data, to generate in-depth consumer and market insights, authoritative reports and detailed maps. Environics Analytics’ team of statisticians, modelers, geographers, and business strategists help organizations develop data-driven solutions and succeed at every step of their analytics journey. Learn more at www.environicsanalytics.com

About Trade Office
The Trade Desk™ is a technology company that empowers ad buyers. Through its self-service cloud platform, ad buyers can create, manage and optimize digital ad campaigns across all ad formats and devices. Integrations with leading data, inventory, and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decision-making capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform. Based in Ventura, California, The Trade Desk has offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. To learn more, visit thetradedesk.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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