Havas acquires the independent advertising agency Front Networks in China | News

Havas Group announced the acquisition of Front Networks, an independent advertising agency specializing in social and digital marketing in China.

Front Networks has over 200 people in offices in Beijing and Shanghai. It provides “a full range” of digital marketing services and has more than 200 international clients, including BMW, Rolls-Royce, Vivo, Microsoft, Columbia, Casarte, Bank of China and Nestlé.

Front Networks will keep its name and will be integrated into the Havas Creative and Havas Village network.

Yannick Bolloré, chairman and CEO of the Havas group, said that “China has always been of strategic importance” for Havas. “China is changing and diversifying at a rapid pace, giving us plenty of opportunities for growth,” he added. “By partnering with the best that China has to offer, Havas Group will surely create more meaningful moments and value for all of our customers. , consumers, brands and communities.

“By joining Havas, Front Networks will have access to our world-class tools and systems, strong financial resources and global network connections,” said Karl Wu, President and CEO of Havas Group Greater China. Asia-Pacific Campaign.

Founded in 2004, Front Networks has expertise in fast and effective digital storytelling, creating engaging digital content and channel mapping, Wu said. He added that Front Networks and Havas Group have “natural chemistry” because Felix Teng, the founder and CEO of Front Networks, spent his high school and university years in France, before returning to China and founding the company.

Teng said he felt “proud to have been recognized by Havas”. “With the resources and empowerment tools of the group, we will be able to broaden our horizon, extend our solutions and add breadth to the depth of our services,” he said. .

Wu said it takes time to select and identify a really good company to work with, and the pandemic has meant extra effort. But with Front Networks’ proven business strength, agility and adaptability during China’s digital emergence and evolution, Havas Group China has more to offer its customers, he said.

Havas Group said the acquisition of Front Networks was part of an overall mergers and acquisitions strategy. So far this year, Havas has acquired Paris-based MedEd specialist Raison de Santé from Havas Health & You; integrated Tinkle, a public relations and communication agency present in Spain and Portugal, into the AMO network; integrated Inviqa, one of the UK’s leading independent digital experience agencies, into Havas CX. In APAC markets, earlier in March, Havas Group took a majority stake in Frontier Australia, a performance marketing agency, which will continue to use its brand locally and join Havas Edge Performance Network (EPN).

Marilyn J. Hernandez