Online ad for ‘bottomless pajamas’ stalks and confuses users

People in the UK are surprised after seeing a bizarre online advert for ‘bottomless pajamas’. Fast-Fashion brand IVRose is the company that advertises these “bottomless pajamas”.

Users said the bizarre online advertisement for a pair of ‘simple functional button adult pajamas’ first appeared on an unrelated article on the Elle website, reports The Independent.

Some readers of the article complained that once they saw the ad on Elle’s website, Elle started following them from site to site. Many do not know why bizarre advertising of even a bizarre product targets them on the Internet. One person took to Twitter to express their frustration.

According to IVRose, the “bottomless pajamas” cost $26.99 and come in 49 different designs. These include – tartan, khaki, Santa hats, kisses and many more.

No address is listed on the fast-fashion brand’s website, but The Independent reported that the company’s Facebook page is run by a Chinese company called Shanghai Lishang Information Technology Co Ltd. The contact details of the Chinese company are the same as those of another fast-fashion brand called Chic Me.

According to the About Us section of the IVRose website, the company was founded in 2015 and ships its products to 220 countries around the world. “A unique shopping website with a distinctive tone focused on women’s fashion,” reads IVRose’s website about the company.

Why this extravagant advertisement is targeting so many people is still unknown at this point, according to the news site. According to experts, one possible reason for this is that ad target parameters – which are usually set to attract a specific niche – are much broader than typical ads. The goal could have been to reach an entire gender or age group, according to the news website. Experts also say that the purpose of using such a strange image could be to trick users into clicking on the ad in order to target them later for similar products.

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Marilyn J. Hernandez