RAB and Amplifi Media will compare local Radio podcast ad revenue. | Daily News Podcast

How much money does the radio industry make from local advertising sold on podcasts? The Radio Publicity Bureau begins an effort to come up with a figure. It has partnered with Amplifi Media to survey radio stations on the revenue they generate from podcasts, as well as gathering information to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities of selling content. local customer support announcements.

According to the RAB, the Local Podcast Opportunity survey aims to uncover the current state of local podcasting among commercial radio and identify guidelines for creating, scaling and monetizing.

“We know that podcast ad dollars continue to grow and we’re seeing good momentum locally, however, we haven’t been able to assess the market,” said RAB President Erica Farber. “By partnering with Amplifi Media, who have been at the forefront and a leader in the podcast space, we hope to be able to provide radio with a benchmark report that can show future growth and opportunities. .”

Amplifi Media is run by Steve Goldstein, who spent decades in radio before launching his podcast consultancy in 2015.

“Until now, podcasting has been national, but that’s rapidly changing as local sports, news, food and culture podcasts pop up across the country from big business and entrepreneurial content creators. “, said Goldstein. “Local podcasts are a remarkable opportunity for radio stations to build loyalty and grow their audience. That’s why Amplifi has partnered with RAB to conduct the first survey looking at what’s happening with commercial radio and podcasts local.

Once the four-week investigation is complete, the RAB says a white paper will be published in November on the results. It will offer a roadmap for how stations can use local podcasting to bring in new revenue, find new listeners, and re-engage local audiences by spending less time with commercial radio.

Radio stations interested in participating can find the Local Podcast Opportunity survey HERE.

Marilyn J. Hernandez