Step Up Your Crypto Ad Campaigns With Bitmedia


From its beginnings as a footnote in history to becoming a global trend, crypto advertising has proven to be important when it comes to launching cryptocurrencies across the globe.

Although the promotional campaigns are up to snuff, the delivery of crypto ads on effective platforms is completely taking over. For your crypto promotion, Bitmedia has you covered. Here’s why.

How do you promote crypto?

Crypto advertising follows the same path as any advertising process, but there is one peculiarity. The promotion of cryptocurrencies makes you take note of the popular definition of “best cryptocurrencies to invest in”.

This way, you will know what to highlight in your campaigns and ensure that your crypto advertising appeals to both savvy traders and newcomers alike. But best of all, your crypto advertising should appeal to even those unfamiliar with crypto.

After taking the right information, the next step would be to develop strategies. Now that you know the qualities people are looking for in the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, how would you direct them to your cryptocurrencies?

When determining how you can strategize for any information at your fingertips, the next step would be to decide where you can promote your crypto exchange, NFT, DeFi, project.

Where can I promote my cryptocurrency?

There are different ways to promote cryptocurrency. But at the moment, there are two effective ways to improve crypto advertising. To promote your cryptocurrencies, the first is to invite famous personalities, where most major cryptocurrencies allocate their marketing budget.

But if you are a beginner in the field and want to run crypto advertisements, crypto advertising platforms will do the work for you. This option reduces your budget but can complement your marketing campaigns.

Crypto Advertising Platform

It has been proven to be one of the best solutions to deliver your crypto advertisements and reach crypto traders at once. There are different platforms that can help you.

But for an effective solution, a crypto advertising platform like bitmedia is the choice of the group.


Bitmedia, founded by crypto enthusiasts with expertise in marketing and advertising, serves the needs of crypto businesses and crypto websites. As pioneers of crypto advertising platforms, Bitmedia has amassed over 7,000 unique and highly targeted audiences.


When it comes to a one-stop solution for bitcoin advertising, Bitmedia is your best bet if you want to advertise your cryptocurrency business and reach new audiences.

Recognized by pioneering crypto companies, you can only expect the best results at Bitmedia compared to other cryptocurrency advertising sites. To date, it is the most trusted market in the cryptocurrency space.


By providing affordable yet effective crypto advertising solutions, this leading platform helps hundreds of small businesses manage crypto advertisements. Not balanced enough? Take a look at these features:


  • Easy registration process. By logging into the Bitmedia website, you can create a free account. Bitmedia will send you an email to confirm that the recording is yours. If any issues arise, you can contact their support team.

  • Easily create campaigns. You can easily enter a name for your new crypto advertising campaign and see it appear in the list of campaigns.

  • Set price limits and traffic adjustments. Advertising your cryptocurrencies with Bitmedia allows you to target different audiences with options like geo-targeting, device targeting, daytime targeting, frequency capping, and ad reruns.

  • Create announcements. There is a wide variety of ad formats supported by Bitmedia. You can upload ad formats of all kinds, because the more image sizes you have, the more impressions your crypto ad gets.

  • Top up your account. You can fund your Bitmedia account with BTC. Think of it as a general wallet that you can use to reload funds into existing campaigns and withdraw cash.

  • Reload your campaign. You can transfer funds from your Bitmedia account to your new campaign or add more funds to a campaign you already have.

  • Active ads. Publish your cryptocurrency advertising campaign and welcome your new audience. Enjoy the best viewership, coin traffic, and most comprehensive stats available on a premier cryptocurrency advertising platform and expect the highest quality crypto advertising.

With Bitmedia, you can seamlessly place crypto advertisements across its network of hand-picked publishers to reach millions of crypto-savvy visitors and newbies and engage those who don’t.


Whether you’re looking for CPM or CPC, and however you want to use your crypto advertising budget, Bitmedia guarantees that your campaign ends up with nothing but success.

Leverage custom ad targeting to target specific crypto audiences of any type and many other targeting parameters to ensure your ads reach the right customers.

Then, with premium publisher placement, you can select the top performing sources on Bitmedia’s crypto ad network so you have full control over where your cryptocurrency ads are displayed.

Moreover, in addition to serving crypto advertisements, Bitmedia also specializes in NFT advertising, metaverse as well as DeFi projects.


  • Gives your audience involved in crypto advertising

  • High quality traffic and leads for your campaigns

  • Offers effective advertisements at affordable prices

  • Responsive customer support

  • Over 7,000 ad publishers

  • Supports other languages: German, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, but depends on advertisers

  • Lots of bitcoin ad targeting options

  • Allows you to control tracking and click sources

  • May also advertise DeFi, NFT and Metaverse projects.

The inconvenients

Overall, Bitmedia makes advertising simple, easy, and stress-free. Advertisers will have an intuitive dashboard with all critical information at their fingertips.

Currently, Bitmedia is the best option for those planning to launch and scale up their crypto advertising campaigns, as it targets a range of cryptocurrency audiences.


Get access to Bitmedia’s most efficient bitcoin advertising network now and grow your business today! Register here for free.

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