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Anyone looking for professional PR agencies for NFT advertising will notice that there are a plethora of companies to choose from. This article sheds light on several of the most trusted major service providers in the market today.

It is almost impossible to ignore NFTs and their potential impact on society today. Every developer and company seems inspired by this new technology and aims to captivate an audience to ensure first-mover advantage.

Greater competition between projects will generate new ideas, concepts and uses for this technology. Not every project will be successful because it’s difficult to capture an audience and stay relevant beyond the initial hype and excitement. More and more projects are faced with this harsh reality and they are turning to outside help to build momentum and develop their communities.

NFT advertising is a powerful tool when used correctly. It’s a new form of digital marketing that proves necessary for any serious project that wants to get noticed amidst the noise. Various crypto and blockchain oriented PR platforms and firms provide NFT advertising services today. With their help, existing and new projects can find their audience of enthusiasts and investors.

Everyone needs a marketing strategy

The first generation of NFT collections gained momentum through initial hype and relying on one or two influencers. It was a viable strategy for some projects, but the industry has matured. More importantly, the expectations of passionate investors have changed, justifying a more professional approach to marketing.

Those looking for a reliable and reputable NFT marketing agency will be offered five different options in this article. Our introduction to these companies is a guideline for building broader communities across various industry verticals, channels, and audiences.

Bitcoin PR Buzz

Founded in 2013 with a team entirely based in the UK, Bitcoin PR Buzz is one of the oldest public relations companies in the industry. Most importantly, they provide lightning-fast, guaranteed press release, sponsored and organic content. Native English writers ensure quality work and custom PDF reports show results at the deepest levels.

All of this comes with the benefit of 9 years of price trading in the crypto PR world to deliver content and help teams scale up their NFT advertising approach.

Bitcoin PR Buzz also provides a number of other services, including social media and community management, token exchange and tracking lists, email marketing, banners, and web design.

Bitcoin PR Buzz has sent over 2000 press releases in its 9 years for over 1000 different clients including Bit2me, Roger Ver, Sportsbet, OCEAN, UTRUST, ARK and many more.

Lunar strategy

NFTs are here to stay and unlock Web3 oriented future potential The Lunar Strategy team offers dedicated marketing services for NFT Advertising, Crypto Marketing, GameFi & DeFi, and Metaverse & Web3. Lunar Strategy’s team of dedicated industry specialists will leverage multiple ways to get a project’s message across and ensure it captivates the right audience.

Additionally, Lunar Strategy offers a tailored marketing strategy, including social media promotion, SEO optimization, and community engagement. The team has extensive experience in the NFT advertising and PR segment, working with clients such as Recast1 Coin, Sahara Protocol, the Dark Frontiers Metaverse, Nobility Token, etc.

Lunar Strategy maintains a broad approach to support as many industry projects as possible while ensuring that it has a marketing team capable of tackling these niches with professional advice and strategies. Their list of services ensures that teams and developers can have their marketing needs met, allowing them to spend more time building the project and introducing usefulness and value to the user.

ANCORE strategy

The ANCORE Strategy team prides itself on working with dreamers, disruptors and people who like to think outside the box. They have established a strong presence in the crypto and blockchain world. With a passion and dedication to help projects grow through press release distribution, strategic advice and practical expertise, ANCORE can take any business or initiative to the next level.

Fundraising expertise is one of ANCORE’s crucial advantages. Projects seeking to raise funds or attract investors receive the necessary support. The support package includes pitch deck development, pitching, investor relations, education, product distribution, and more. The team has also developed strong expertise in crypto and blockchain PR and NFT advertising.

ANCORE Strategy’s portfolio of recent clients includes Merkle Science, Safeside, Scalable, MBC Group, Wave Financial, Centralex, eCredits, Cryptix, flovtec, Elitium, ARX Capital and Hypergrowth.


The MONCCO PR team positions itself as a result-oriented crypto and NFT advertising agency. Its combination of PR and marketing services caters to the needs of startups, established businesses, and everything in between. Since its existence, the team has worked with big names in the industry like TomoChain and Kardiachain, as well as emerging companies like Morpher, Scallop, and Mollector. As the crypto and blockchain industry grows, there is a growing demand for PR and marketing services.

MONCCO PR provides a range of services, from PR and media relations to PR distribution and custom press article packages. Additionally, they have expertise in reputation management, social media marketing, crypto link building, branding, web design, and content marketing. It’s a solid choice for anyone who needs to publicize their project, advertise NFT, or submit news.

Additionally, MONCCO PR offers flexible pricing on their packages. The cheapest plan guarantees distribution to Yahoo! Finance, Money and News, plus over 200 other websites. Those seeking more mainstream attention can opt for distributing packages to Benzinga, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and more.


The MarketAcross name is synonymous with public relations and blockchain marketing efforts. The team is known for providing end-to-end marketing solutions to blockchain companies in exciting verticals such as Decentralized Finance, NFT, GameFi, etc. , MakretAcross has built up a solid portfolio of clients and expertise. This approach allowed the team to stay on top of new initiatives such as Web3 games, NFT advertising, movement to win, and more.

The MarketAcross approach covers different ways to ensure blockchain companies get their message across. This includes content marketing, thought leadership, content distribution, public relations, SEO optimization, and a concise messaging strategy. Balancing promise and delivery is tricky, but MarketAcross uses proven PR strategies and tactics. Additionally, the team prides itself on transparent packages to ensure customers receive everything they sign up for.

Notable MarketAcross partners include Web3 Foundation, DAO Maker, Collider Ventures, Axie8 Ventures, and more.


These five stellar PR firms give you the information you need to start your NFT marketing and advertising journey. Each agency on this list has the expertise, tools, and network to help you grow your project and grow your community. Good and professional marketing has always been the cornerstone of successful crypto and NFT projects.

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